Reproduction William and Mary Halfcrown (First Shield)

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Obverse: Draped busts of William and Mary facing right, William to foreground. Text around GVLIELMVS ET M ARIA DEI GRATIA.

Reverse: Crowned quartered shield of arms, with an escutcheon of the Lion of Nassau. Date split by crown. Text around MAG BR FR ET HIB REX ET REGINA.

History: William and Mary came from Holland to invade England as James II was unpopular. After landing in Devon, flanked by their troops, many defected to their side. Without support, James II fled and William and Mary became England’s new monarchs.

With William and Mary taking to the throne, the designs that were struck onto coins had to change. Not wanting to stray from the old Greek and Roman coinage style, it was decided that they’d both be represented on their coins, with William’s bust in front and Mary’s behind, both of their profiles clearly displayed.

Date: First busts with first crowned shield, 1689.

Diameter: 3.3cm

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