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The first coins, made of electrum, a natural alloy of gold and silver, were issued in western Asia Minor (Lydia) in the late seventh century BC. Over the next century coinage of gold and silver spread across the Greek colonies and beyond. Coins of Philip II of Macedon (339-336 BC) circulated amongst the Celtic people and were copied through central Europe. Gold Gaulish staters reached Britain in the 1st century BC and were produced on the island shortly after.

The standardised coins of the Romans cover some seven centuries and include a large number of different types that were used throughout the Roman Empire. Important Roman gold and silver coins were continued into the Middle Ages.

Following the revival of commerce after the Dark Ages, coinage in Western Europe was virtually restricted to silver until the 13th century. In England the penny was the most common coin. In England, Edward III introduced the first successful and permanent gold coinage. Regular gold and silver coinage continued to be struck up until the mid 18th century.

Our reproduction and replica coins include Greek, Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Hanover.

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