Reproduction William I (The Conqueror) Penny - PAXS Type

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Obverse: Crowned and diademed facing bust of William I holding sceptre in right hand over left shoulder. Text around +PILLELM REX.

Reverse: Cross pattée, with PAXS (peace) in annulets in angles. Text around +ULF ON LINCOLN.

History: William I maintained the Anglo-Saxon mint system and the practice of conducting frequent recoinages by change of coin type. Most pennies of King William I show a front-facing bust of the king on the obverse (which was a departure from the Anglo-Saxon kings, who mostly used a sideways-facing bust). During his reign the demand for coins was so high that there were about 70 mints active.

The William I PAXS type penny was the last type minted before his death in September 1087. The meaning of the inscription has been much discussed, but it is generally agreed that it is commemorative of the ultimate state of peace and law instituted by William’s firm government.

Date: PAXS type, minted in Lincoln, moneyer Ulfr, 1083-1086.

Diameter: 1.9cm

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