Reproduction Two Emperors Type Thrymsa

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Obverse: Diademed and cuirassed bust of the king right, cross on stem before. Text VAH – N.

Reverse: Bust of Victory to front, pellets either side, with wings above two facing busts holding globe between them.

History: This thrymsa is of a classic design. It was modelled after the abundant two emperors Roman solidus of the last quarter of the 4th century but with distinct Anglo-Saxon influences. Of particular interest are the protective ‘wings’ of Victory over the two emperor figures on the reverse, which have evolved into serpent-like figures. One of around 30 known pieces. A shortage of gold throughout Europe led to a gradual debasement of Thrymsa from about the middle of the seventh century resulting in the gold Tremisis eventually developing into the silver penny ("Sceat").

Date: 655-675 AD 

Diameter: 1.2 cm

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