Reproduction Solidus of Constantius II - Roma

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Obverse: Helmeted and cuirassed three-quarter facing bust of Constantius II, holding spear over right shoulder and shield with horseman motif. Text around FL IVL CONSTANTIVS PERP AVG.

Reverse: Roma and Constantinoplis seated the former facing, the latter turned to the left supporting shield between them inscribed VOT XXX MVLT XXXX in four lines; Constantinopolis holds staff and rests right foot on prow. Text around PROVID DEOR COS II, in exergue KONS.

History: Struck in commemoration of Constantius' tricennalia (30th anniversary of his reign), the coins of this issue represent one of the earlier types displaying the three-quarter facing bust style that became prevalent in the eastern Roman empire and continued into the Byzantine period.

Date: Arelatum / Constantina mint, 355-361AD

Diameter: 2cm

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