Reproduction Solidus of Avitus - Captive

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Obverse: The diademed (rosettes), draped and cuirassed bust right of Avitus. Text around D N AVITVS PERPF AVG.

Reverse: Avitus standing right, resting left foot on captive, holding long cross and Victory on globe. Text around VICTORIA AVG GG, across middle A R, exergue COMOB.

History: Avitus was the leading commander under Petronius Maximus and was elevated to the throne when Maximus was killed. He held on to power for almost a year.

The rare coinage of Avitus reflects his Gallic origins, as most of the coins in his name were struck at the newly reopened mint of Arelate (modern Arles), where he was first acclaimed emperor.

Date: Arelate mint, struck 455-456 AD

Diameter: 2.0cm

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