Reproduction Richard II Gold Noble

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Obverse: King Richard II standing facing in ship, holding sword in right hand and shield with royal coat of arms in the left hand. To the left the ship displays a crossed flag and to the right there are single pellets above and below the shield. Text around RICARD DEI G REX ANGL FRANC D HIB AQ.

Reverse: Royal floriated cross with fleurs-de-lis at ends, trefoils, lions & crowns in angles, R at centre, within tressure of eight arcs. Text around IHC AVTEM TRANSIENS PER MEDIVM ILLORV IBAT.

History: Although the reign of Richard II was of twenty-two years there were very few variations in the coinage. The coins of Richard II in the most part are rare and this may well be down to the fact that there was no change in weight of the current coinage and that little was actually minted, probably owing to the large amount of money of Edward III, which was still in circulation.

The noble was the highest value coin in England and was worth a third of a pound. The design of a king standing in a ship was introduced by Edward III in 1344, when the coin itself was first produced as part of England's first successful revival of gold coinage.

Date: Mint mark Cross pattee, type III, Calais mint, 1377-99

Diameter: 3.2cm

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