Reproduction Secondary Sceat Series M

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Obverse: Prancing dog with long legs, curled tail and long tongue, right. Pellets below tail, between legs and below tongue. Beaded border around.

Reverse: Large spiral branch with smaller branches sprouting from the outside. Pellets of ‘fruit’ at the ends of the smaller branches. Single annulet at end of main branch. Solid line outside border with pellet border within.

History: By the middle of the 7th century the gold coinage was increasingly being debased with silver, and gold was superseded entirely by 675 AD. These silver coins, called Sceattas are the first English pennies. This coin was minted during the period when Aethelbald, King of Mercia, was overlord of the southern English.

Date: Minted in the main regions of south and east England. Secondary Sceatta, circa 710-760 AD 

Diameter: 1.1 cm

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