Reproduction Sestertius of Gaius (Caligula) - Three Sisters

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Obverse: Laureate head of Gaius (Caligula) left. Text around C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT.

Reverse: Gaius' three sisters standing. Agrippina on the left as Securitas, her head turned left, holding cornucopiae in her right hand and resting on a column, with her left hand on the shoulder of Drusilla. Drusillia in the middle as Concordia, her head turned right, holding patera in her right hand and cornucopiae in her left. Julia on the right as Fortuna, her head turned to the right, holding rudder in her right hand and cornucopiae in her left. Text AGRIPPINA to the left, DRVSILLA above, IVLIA to the right and SC below.

History: Caligula is alleged to have had incestuous relationships with his sisters. Whatever personal or sexual affection Caligula may have felt toward his sisters, this coinage is purely political and dynastic in flavour. His sisters are each named and are shown in the guise of personifications: the eldest, Agrippina Junior, as Securitas, the middle-sister, Drusilla, as Concordia, and the youngest, Julia Livilla, as Fortuna.

This remarkable type was produced on two occasions. The example offered here belongs to the first coinage, 37-38, which was issued when all three of the imperial women were alive. Drusilla, Caligula’s favourite sister (and the one with whom he is said to have had an enduring incestuous relationship), died tragically on June 10, 38.

Date: Rome mint. Struck under Gaius (Caligula), 37-38 AD

Diameter: 3.7cm

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