Reproduction Aureus of Julia Titi - Peacock

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Obverse: Draped bust of Julia Titi right with hair tied at the back. Text around JVLIA AVGVSTA.

Reverse: Peacock representing the goddess Juno, shown facing with its tail in full splendour, head turned right. Text around DIVI TITI FILIA.

History: This extremely rare aureus is especially helpful in understanding Julia Titi’s undefined position within the Flavian dynasty because its obverse attests to her holding the title of Augusta and its reverse promotes her as the "daughter of the divine Titus". Although Julia was an Augusta she hoped that her position of honour would turn into one of actual authority, especially as she was having a secret affair with Domitian. The incestuous couple shared their lives until Julia died of a failed abortion attempt around AD 89.

Date: Struck under Domitian, AD 86-89

Diameter: 1.9cm

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