Reproduction Edward I Penny

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Obverse: Full face crowned portrait of Edward I, crown with well-shaped central Lis, no spearheads. Cross pattee above crown. Text around EDWAR ANGL DNS HYB (Edward King of England Lord of Ireland).

Reverse: Long cross dividing the coin into four quarters, in each of which are three pellets. Text around CIVITAS LONDON.

History: Initial coinage struck by Edward I was in the name of Henry III and is known as the posthumous phase. From 1279 a major re-coinage was embarked upon, which introduced new denominations. As the mint administration was centralised the practice of including the moneyers name on the coinage was abandoned.

The largest coin struck for regular usage was the Silver Penny. It was made of such high-quality silver that many were exported, melted down and then lower grade counterfeits or esterlings were issued. This was of course illegal and the penalty was death.

Date: Minted in London, 1279-1307

Diameter: 1.8cm

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