Reproduction Eustace Fitzjohn Penny

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Obverse: Eustace in full armour walking to the right, holding sword and wearing a Norman helmet. To the left two annulets with pellets between a four pointed pierced mullet. To the right of the helmet is an annulet with pellet. Text around EVSTACIVS.

Reverse: Cross in quatrefoil, pellets in each quarter of both the cross and quatrefoil. Text around EBHORACI EDTS.

History: Eustace Fitzjohn, the Lord of Malton and Knaresborough served under King Henry I. He became a wealthy landowner through marriage and then supported the Empress Matilda in a 20-year civil war against her cousin Stephen, a period known as The Anarchy. In 1138, Eustace lost custody of Bamburgh Castle to Stephen and he decided to join forces with David I of Scotland fighting with him against Stephen at the Battle of the Standard that same year. In July 1157 Eustace was killed on campaign with Henry II.

As it was a period of civil war, Baron Fitzjohn had the authority to have coins struck in York, which were primarily for local use. Only a few examples have been discovered.

Date: Minted in York by Thomas FitzUlf c.1140s 

Diameter: 2.0cm

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