Reproduction James I Shilling

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Obverse: Bust of crowned James I facing right, XII to left of head. Text around LACOBVS DG MAG BRIT FRAN & HIB REX (James by the grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland).

Reverse: Square-topped shield with the English arms in the first and fourth quarters, the rampant lion of Scotland in the second quarter and the harp of Ireland in the third. Text around QVAE DEVS CONIVNXIT NEMO SEPARET (What God hath joined together let no man put asunder).

History: The inscriptions on this shilling show how James I styled himself as the king of Great Britain and politicised the coinage to imply the union of the crowns.

King James’ English coins were also separated into three coinage periods and within this there are several busts, inscriptions and mintmarks. The original of this James I shilling coin was minted during the Second coinage (1604-19) and depicts the Third bust and Lis mintmark.

Date: Mintmark Lys, second coinage, third bust. 1604-5

Diameter: 3.0cm

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