Reproduction Charles I Gold Crown

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Obverse: Crowned bust of Charles I facing left, with ruff and armour nearly concealed with scarf, mark value V behind. Text around CAROLVS D G MA BR FR ET HI REX (Charles by the grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland).

Reverse: Crowned square-topped coat of arms with garnish. The shield has the English arms in the first and fourth quarters, the rampant lion of Scotland in the second quarter and the harp of Ireland in the third. Text around CVLTORES SVI DEVS PROTEGIT (God protects his worshippers).

History: Charles I ascended to the throne in March 1625 and this Crown coin was issued early in his reign. He became an excellent horseman and a strong-willed king. His strong will, however, proved to be his undoing: mismanagement of affairs forced a showdown with Parliament, which culminated in civil war and the king's execution in 1649.

Date: Second bust, Tower mint, castle mintmark, 1627-28

Diameter: 2.0cm

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