Reproduction Richard III Gold Angel

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Obverse: St. Michael represented as a winged figure standing right foot on floor and left on a dragon about to thrust it into the Pit with a cross-topped lance (the dragon represents Satan). Text around RICARD DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC, separated by single and double saltire crosses.

Reverse: A ship bearing a royal shield with cross above, E and rose at the sides. Text around PER CRVSEM TVA SALVA NOS XPC REDEMPT, separated by saltire crosses.

History: Richard III's coinage begin to be struck very shortly after the death of Edward IV on 9 April 1483. His reign lasted little more than two years, ending with his death at the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August 1485 by Henry Tudor.

His gold Angel coins are similar to those of previous reigns and are divided into three types according to the mintmark. The Type 2 boar's head mintmark coinage was struck between July 1483 and June 1484. It is evident that the dies for the coins were stored in a “loose box” system which led to extensive muling, the use of different obverse and reverse dies.

Date: Mintmark boar's head, type 2, 1483-84

Diameter: 2.6cm

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