Reproduction Vercingetorix Gold Stater

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Obverse: Bare head bust of Vercingetorix with wavy hair, facing left. Text below: VERCI-NGETORIXS.

Reverse: Full bodied horse galloping left, spiral shape above.

History: Vercingetorix was a king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe who united the Gauls and led the great Gallic revolt against the Romans in 53-52BC, during the last phase of Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars. His name in Gaulish means ‘over-king of warriors’. The final Battle of Alesia was in September 52 BC, which ended in Vercingetorix’s eventual surrender. The revolt had failed against the Roman forces and despite having willingly surrendered to Caesar, Vercingetorix was imprisoned for six years before being executed in Rome in 49BC.

No ancient sculpture of Vercingetorix has ever been discovered, and the Gallic coins identified by the legend VERCINGETORIX in Latin are therefore the only images of him. There are less than thirty known staters that bear the Vercingetorix name and the free horse on the reverse symbolises the Arverni spirit of independence.

Date: Circa 54-52BC

Diameter: 1.8cm

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