Reproduction Atrebates Gold Stater

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Obverse: Wreath pattern with upward facing leaves, representing a laureate head.

Reverse: Horse galloping right with triple tail, degraded charioteer above (resembling a scorpion); four-spoked wheel and crescent below.

History: The Atrebates were a Belgic tribe of the Iron Age and the Roman period. Their king Commius fled to Britain c.52 BC after the battle of Alesia to join the British Atrebates. He quickly became their leader with their territory comprised modern Hampshire, West Sussex and Berkshire, centred on the capital Calleva Atrebatum.

After becoming leader, his name soon appeared on the Atrebatic staters. This stater would have been struck later in his reign when his name was removed from the Atrebates coinage.

Date: Circa 45–30BC

Diameter: 1.8cm

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