Reproduction Oliver Cromwell Shilling

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Obverse: Laureate head of Oliver Cromwell. Text around OLIVARD GRP ANG SCO HIB & PRO.

Reverse: Crowned coat-of-arms of the Protectorate, quartered arms of England, Scotland and Ireland; central escutcheon with lion rampant, left. Date 1658 split by crown. Grained edge. Text around PAX QVAE RITVR BELLO (Peace is sought by war).

History: Oliver Cromwell was established as ‘Lord Protector’ of the nation in December 1653 and new coinage featuring a portrait of Cromwell, adorning a laurel wreath, was worked on and finally authorised in 1655. All coins were machine made, struck from the dies of Thomas Simon in the presses of the Frenchman, Pierre Blondeau. There were two full production runs one in 1657 and the other just before Cromwell's death in September 1658.

Date: 1658

Diameter: 2.7cm

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