Reproduction Morini Gallo-Belgic Boat Tree Gold Quarter Stater

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Obverse: Rooted tree symbolising the Celtic 'Tree of Life' with bar either side, bent line representing a stream with crescent and a Y shaped symbol below.

Reverse: The reverse of this coin can be interpreted in two ways. As shown, in the single image it depicts a boat with two figures and stars above. In the image of the obverse and reverse it can be seen as a stylised boar, but this is the less common interpretation.

History: This quarter stater is more commonly known as a Morini Boat Tree. It was issued by the Morini tribe who were from the Belgic Gaul region of ancient Europe. It was minted to finance resistance to Caesar during the Gallic Wars, they are found all over that area and areas of south Britain.

Date: Circa 65-60BC

Diameter: 1.1cm

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