Reproduction Military Medal - Full-Size

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Instituted: 25 March 1916

Description: (Obverse) the bareheaded bust of George V in Field Marshal's uniform, left, text around GEORGIVS V BRITT OMN REX ET IND IMP. (Reverse) the crowned royal cypher GRV above the four line inscription FOR BRAVERY IN THE FIELD, enclosed in a wreath.

Ribbon: Broad dark blue edges flanking a central section of three narrow white and two narrow crimson stripes.

Comments: Awarded to Noncommissioned Officers and men of the Army (including Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Division) for individual or associated acts of bravery that did nor merit the Distinguished Conduct Medal. In June 1916 it was extended to women. 115,600 medals were awarded during the First World War and over 15,000 during World War II. The Military Cross has replaced this medal, which is now available to officers and other ranks.

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