Reproduction Member, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)

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Instituted: June 1917

Description: A cross patonce in silver. (Obverse) in the centre, within a circle the conjoined left-facing busts of King George V and Queen Mary, surrounded by a circle inscribed FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE. (Reverse) the royal and imperial cyphre GRI surmounted by a crown, the whole enclosed in a cable circle. The cross is suspended by a crown and a ring.

Ribbon: Red edged in grey, with a central grey stripe (military 2nd type)

Comments: Founded by King George V during the First World War for services to the Empire at home, in India and in the overseas dominions and colonies, other than those rendered by the Navy and Army, although it could be conferred upon officers of the armed forces for services of a non- combatant character. A Military Division was created in December 1918 and awards made to commissioned officers and warrant officers in respect of distinguished service in action. The insignia of the Civil and Military Division is identical, distinguished only by the respective ribbons.

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