Reproduction Mary I (Queen of Scots) Testoon

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Obverse: Crown with three lis and two crosses between, over FM monogram, crowned lis to left and crowned thistle to right. Text around VICIT LEO DE TRIBV IVDA 1560.

Reverse: Crown with three lis and crosses between over the united Royal arms of France and Scotland consisting of shield with rampant lion of Scotland to right and three lis of France to left. Saltire to left and cross to right of shield. Text around FRAN ET MA D G R R FRANCO SCOTOR.

History: This silver testoon had a value of 5 Scots shillings. Mary became queen when she was just a week old. She was forced to exile in France and in 1558 she married Dauphin François, who succeeded to the French throne in 1559 but died a year later. The obverse of this coin depicts the united royal arms of France and Scotland, and the reverse depicts the FM monogram of Mary and François.

Date: Second period (Francis & Mary), type II, 1560

Diameter: 2.9cm

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