Reproduction Mary Fine Sovereign

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Obverse: Queen Mary enthroned holding orb in left hand and sceptre in right hand, portcullis at feet. Text around MARIA D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGINA M D LIII, separated by double annulet stops (M D LIII is the date 1553).

Reverse: Square-topped shield of the royal coat of arms in centre of a Tudor rose, within double tressure. Text around A DNO FACTV EST ISIV Z EST MIRA IN OCVL NRIS, separated by double annulet stops.

History: Mary, the daughter of King Henry VIII, reigned for a brief five years before her premature death in 1558. All of Mary's gold coins are rare. The sovereign is the largest of the gold coins of the period.

After the debasement of English coinage by Henry VIII, Mary brought the coinage back to the sterling standard and struck all her gold coins at the traditional fineness of 0.995. The ‘Fine’ sovereign was valued at 30 shillings and of larger and finer style than preceding types, which were valued at 20 shillings.

Date: Mintmark Pomegranate, 1553

Diameter: 4.3cm

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