Reproduction John Penny

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Obverse: Square facing portrait of King John, circular hair curls left and right, 2 on each side. Text around HENRICVS REX, reversed S.

Reverse: Short cross with cross pomme in each angle. Cross pomme as the initial mark. Text around SIMON ON CAN.

History: King John reigned between 1199 and 1216. Heavy taxation, disputes with the Church and unsuccessful attempts to recover his French possessions made him unpopular. Many of his barons rebelled, and in June 1215 they forced King John to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede, a peace treaty accepting their reforms.

In 1180 a coinage known as the Short Cross coinage was introduced by Henry II. This new coinage not only covered the latter part of Henry II’s reign, but also the reigns of his sons Richard and John and his grandson Henry III. The entire issue bears the name HENRICVS.

The previous Short Cross penny designs were used in the early years of John’s reign, but in 1205 a re-coinage was initiated and new Short Cross coins of a better style replaced the older issues. The original of this coin was minted at Canterbury and is of the new Short Cross design.

Date: Class 5, Moneyer Simon, Mint Canterbury, 1205-16

Diameter: 1.8cm

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