Reproduction Iceni Antedi Silver Unit

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Obverse: Two opposing crescents with annulets between, cross to the right, single beaded horizontal line with four beaded horizontal lines below.

Reverse: Celtic horse with wreath mane galloping right, anemone above, two pellets under tail, triangle of three pellets below body, monogram of ANTED[I] below with pelleted bar over D.

History: Antedi – perhaps Antedios, became leader of the Iceni c.AD25. He took no active part in the opposition to the Roman invasion of AD43 and was subsequently made a client of Rome. He produced his first coins marked ANTED in commemoration of this honour. It is probable that Antedi was involved in the Icenian War of AD47 in which he must have lost his life by the end of it, as his name is not mentioned again after this time.

Date: Circa 25-38 AD

Diameter: 1.3cm

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