Reproduction Henry VIII & Jane Seymour Groat

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Obverse: Crowned royal arms with fleur de lys in first and fourth quarters and lions in the second and third quarters, over long cross fourchée. Text around HENRIC VIII D GR AGLIE Z (Henry VIII by the Grace of God king of England and).

Reverse: Crowned harp flanked by crowned H to left and I to right. Text around FRANCIE DOMINVS HIBERNIE (France, Lord of Ireland).

History: This groat of Henry VIII is from his first harp issue and is the first time that the harp was seen as a symbol on Irish coins. The initials H and I either side of the harp are for Henry and Jane Seymour (his third wife) dating the issue to 1536-7.

Date: Mint mark crown, 1st harp coinage, 1536-1537

Diameter: 2.4cm

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