Reproduction Henry VIII Half-Sovereign

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Obverse: Henry VIII enthroned holding orb in left hand and sceptre in right hand. Throne with curved sides, rose at feet. Text around HENRIC 8 DI GRA AGL FRANCIE ET HIBERN REX.

Reverse: Crowned coat of arms shield with Fleur De Lys in first and third quarter and lions in second and fourth quarter. To the left a lion and to the right a dragon support the shield, HR in cartouche below, trefoil stops. Text around IHS AVTEM TRANSIES PER MEDIVM ILLORVM IBAT.

History: Open debasement of Henry VIII’s coinage began in 1544 to help finance Henry’s wars. A second royal mint was opened in the Tower of London and there were six other mints, as in previous years. Gold was debased from 23ct in 1544 to 22ct in 1545 and 20ct in 1546.

The coinage struck during the period of 1544 to 1547 is known as Third coinage and the original of this Half-Sovereign would have been struck during this time.

Date: Mintmark Pellet in Annulet, Tower of London. Third coinage 1544-47

Diameter: 2.9cm

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