Reproduction Henry VIII Gold Quarter-Angel

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Obverse: St. Michael right wearing tunic represented as a winged figure standing with both feet on a dragon about to thrust it into the Pit with a cross-topped lance (the dragon representing Satan). Latin legend and beaded border surrounding. Text around HENRICVS VIII DI GRA AGLI.

Reverse: Ship sailing right, quartered shield of arms upon hull, cross above, h to left, rose to right, Latin legend and beaded border surrounding. Text around FRANCIE ET HIBERNIE REX.

History: The abbreviated Latin legends on the obverse and reverse should be taken as one sentence, "Henry VIII by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Ireland".

The Quarter-Angel was first officially introduced as a denomination by the public indenture of 28th May 1544 which officially marked the start of the third period of coinage of King Henry VIII, when debasement took full swing, and the gold coins were reduced to 23 carats. However, a majority of minting activity in gold and silver at the new lower standards including the Quarter-Angel had begun two years earlier, with many coins prepared and stockpiled in the Tower in readiness for the debasement of 1544. The Quarter-Angel was issued only for a very short time as minting of it had ceased by the end of March 1545.

Date: Mintmark lis, third coinage, 1544-47

Diameter: 1.7cm

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