Reproduction Henry VII Half-Angel (Angelet)

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Obverse: St. Michael represented as a winged figure standing with both feet on a dragon about to thrust it into the Pit with a cross-topped lance (the dragon represents Satan). Text around HENRIC VII DI GRA REX AD Z.

Reverse: A ship bearing a shield and cross, h and rose at the sides. Text separated by double saltire stops. Text around O CRVX AVE SPES VNICA.

History: After spending much of his childhood in exile, Henry Tudor returned to England in 1485 to challenge his distant cousin King Richard III for the throne and defeated him at the Battle of Bosworth Field. His victory ended the rule of the Plantagenets and ushered in a new dynasty, the Tudors.

Date: Mintmark Pansy, class III, 1495-8

Diameter: 2.0cm

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