Reproduction Elizabeth I Sixpence

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Obverse: Tall narrow bust of Elizabeth I with elaborately decorated dress, right. Large Tudor rose to the right. Text around ELIZABETH D G ANG FRA ET HIB REGINA (Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland).

Reverse: Long cross fourchée over square shield of quartered royal arms. Date above shield 1562. Text around POSVI DEVM ADIVTOREM MEVM (I have made God my helper).

History: This coin was milled on a screw press introduced by Eloye Mestrelle in 1561. Despite the superior quality of the coins produced the machine was inefficient compared to striking by hand. Mestrelle was dismissed in 1572 and six years later he was hung for counterfeiting.

Date: Mintmark Star. Third issue milled coin 1562

Diameter: 2.5cm

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