Reproduction Edward VI Shilling

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Obverse: Elegant bust of Edward VI facing right with thin neck, wearing crown. Text around EDWARD VI D G AGL FRA Z HIB REX.

Reverse: Oval garnished shield dividing E R with fleur de lys in the first and fourth quarter and lions in the second and third quarter of the shield. Text around TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITE MDLI.

History: Edward VI was Henry VIII's son by Jane Seymour, born in 1537. He was not quite ten years of age when his father passed away leaving the kingdom to him. As a child he did not rule in fact, but was influenced to make decisions by his Council and in particular by a succession of relatives. He died of TB at the age of only 15.

Date: Mintmark Lion, Third period, bust 6, Tower mint, 1551

Diameter: 2.9cm

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