Reproduction Edward III Quarter-Noble

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Obverse: Shield with Lis in first and fourth quarters and lions in second and third quarters within tressure of eight arcs. Text around EDWARD DEI GRA REX ANGLO, double saltire stops.

Reverse: Floriated cross within tressure of eight arcs, annulets in spandrels. Four annulets round centre of cross and lions in each angle. Text around EXALTABITVR IN GLRIA, double saltire stops.

History: Edward III reigned from 1312 to 1377 and was one of the most successful English kings of medieval times. Edward's reign was marked by an expansion of English territory through wars in Scotland and France.

It was not until 1344 that Edward III introduced an impressive gold coinage. This first coinage was not successful and it was replaced later the same year by a heavier coinage, the Noble. The Noble was lowered in weight in two further stages over the next few years, being stabilised in 1351. This coin is from the fourth coinage and was produced just before the Treaty of Bretigni in October 1360, between King Edward III of England and King John II of France.

Date: Fourth coinage, pre-treaty period, with French title, mintmark cross potent, 1356-61

Diameter: 2cm

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