Reproduction Edward III Half-Noble

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Obverse: King Edward III standing facing in ship, holding sword in right hand and shield with royal coat of arms in the left hand. To the left the ship displays a crossed flag. Text around EDWARD D GRA REX ANGL Z FRA D HYB (Edward by the Grace of God King of England and France, Lord of the Irish).

Reverse: Royal floriated cross with fleurs-de-lis at ends, trefoils, lions & crowns in angles, C at centre within a tressure of eight arcs. Text around DOMINE NE IN FVRORE TVO ARGVAS ME (O Lord rebuke me not in Thine anger).

History: The fourth coinage of Edward III is split into four periods centred around the Treaty of Bretigni signed in October 1360. Edward had claimed the throne of France, but following the treaty with King John II of France this claim was dropped and a mint was opened at Calais in 1363. In 1369 the treaty broke down and the claim to the throne of France was reinstated.

The original of this coin was struck during the “Post-Treaty period”, 1369-77, and has the French title. The C at the centre within a tressure of eight arcs on the obverse indicates that it was struck in Calais.

Date: Fourth coinage, post-treaty period, mintmark plain cross, Calais mint, 1369-77

Diameter: 2.5cm

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