Reproduction Edward I Groat

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Obverse: Crowned bust facing of Edward I with large crown and bushy hair, flower at each side by hair, within quarterfoil of three lines with pellet ornaments, drapery of two wedges with rosette below. Text around EDWARDVS DI GRA REX ANGL.

Reverse: Long cross with three pellets in each angle. Text in outer ring DNS HIBNE DVX AQVT. Text in inner ring LONDONIA CIVI.

History: From 1279 a major re-coinage was embarked upon by King Edward I which introduced new denominations. In addition to the penny, halfpence and farthings were also minted.

For the first time, a fourpenny piece called a Groat was also minted which was the immediate ancestor of the French gros tournois or groat of Tours. It was after the French silver coins had circulated in England that Edward I decided to mint his own version. These groats were struck from more than thirty obverse dies and form and extensive series.

Date: Minted in London, 1279 - 1307

Diameter: 2.6cm

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