Reproduction Dobunni Chicken Silver Unit

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Obverse: Beardless head facing left with ringed-pellet eye and two-pin mouth, hair of four curved locks of beaded lines in triple bands, wearing beaded neck torc, cock's head in front, serrated 'sunburst', pellets and reversed-S below.

Reverse: Horse galloping right with three beaded tails and beaded mane, cock's head above and below, curved line and beaded ring in front, hook-shape under tails.

History: The Dobunnic territory stretched over Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcester and into parts of Somerset, Wiltshire and Gwent. The original coin was found in Chieveley, Berkshire and only a very few examples exist.

Date: Circa 20 - 1 BC 

Diameter: 1.4cm

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