Reproduction Denarius of Titus - Venus

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Obverse: Head of Titus, leaded, laureate facing right. Text around IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M.

Reverse: Venus seen half from behind, naked except for drapery around hips, standing right, left elbow on cippus (a low column pillar) holding helmet extended in right hand and spear across left arm. TR P VIIII IMP XIIII COS VII.

History: Issued after July 1, 79 AD, this coin is part of a rare series of denarii Titus issued in the weeks after he became Augustus. The lack of P P in the reverse legend indicates this is a very early issue and the TR P VIIII in the legend tells us this coin was issued after July 1st, the date when the tribunician was awarded. There were two more issues minted later on in the same year, this coin most likely dates to July/August of 79 AD.

There seems to have been a very smooth transition of power to Titus after Vespasian's death, perhaps a reflection of the fact that Titus was co-emperor under his father all but in name. None of the coin types celebrate the new Augustus, as a matter of fact the reverse types of 79 were mainly a continuation of those last issues minted under Vespasian.

Date: July - August 79 AD, Rome mint

Diameter: 1.8cm

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