Reproduction Denarius of Claudius - Nemesis

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Obverse: Laureate bust of Claudius, right. Text around TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG P M TR P.

Reverse: Winged Nemesis advancing right, lifting with her right hand the border of her robe to her face and holds out a winged caduceus with her left hand down to a serpent that is before her feet and is moving forwards. Text around PACI AVGVSTAE.

History: Nemesis is depicted as the Goddess of Peace, in the form of a winged victory on this coin. This type expresses the manifold virtues of the Emperor Claudius and the public happiness enjoyed under his government. For in one single image are represented the symbols of Victory, Peace, Felecity, Prudence, and Modesty, qualities which indeed were not all wanting in the character of Claudius.

Date: Rome mint 41 - 42 AD

Diameter: 1.8cm

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