Reproduction Denarius of Augustus - Mars

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Obverse: Bare head looking to the right, text [CAESAR] AVGVSTVS.

Reverse: Mars in helmet standing facing to the left, head looking right, holding an aquila, legionary eagle standard, in right hand and a military ensign trophy over his shoulder in his left hand, chathys tied around wrist, text [SIGNIS] RECEPTIS.

History: This coin refers to the surrender to Augustus the standards which the Parthian's had taken from Crassus and his slaughtered legions. Mars, the god of war, is depicted here in reference to the temple which Augustus, on the restitution of the military ensigns by the Parthians, had built in the capital, and which he dedicated to Mars the Avenger. A triumphal arch honouring the event was also built in the year 20 BC.

Date: Colonia Patricia Mint, 19-18 BC

Diameter: 1.8cm

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