Reproduction Coenwulf Silver Penny

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Obverse: Ornamental M with pellets to either side, CENVVLF across the centre field and REX in lower field with pellets between each letter.

Reverse: DI O LA with pellets between letters, within arms of tribrach moline of three lines, the centre one beaded.

History: Only 10 coins of this type have been recorded, and this is the fourth by the moneyer Diola. The obverse inscription reads CENVVLF REX M, Coenwulf King of Mercia. The coinage of Coenwulf follows the broad silver penny format established under Offa and his contemporaries. Since the mints at Canterbury and in East Anglia were under the control of Eadbert Praen and Eadwald respectively, these earliest pennies were produced by the London mint. Initially coins were struck at London alone but soon spreading to Canterbury after it was reconquered from the rebels.

Date: Moneyer Diola, London mint, 796-805 AD

Diameter: 2.0 cm

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