Reproduction Cnut Short Cross Type Penny

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Obverse: Diademed bust of Cnut left, holding sceptre with lis head in front. Text around +CNVT REX.

Reverse: Voided short cross with annulet in centre. Text around +ARNCDTL ON EOF.

History: Son of Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, Cnut (or Canute) was proclaimed King by the Danish fleet in England in 1014 but was forced to leave. He returned in 1015 and in 1016 agreed on a division of the country with Eadmund Ironsides. In November 1016 Eadmund died and Cnut secured all England. Cnut also became King of Denmark and Norway, he died in 1035.

There were three types of pennies struck during Cnut’s reign. The Short cross pennies date from the later portion of Canute's reign. This type was being minted from about 1029 through to the time of his death in 1035 or just afterwards.

Date: York mint, moneyer Arncetel, 1030-1035

Diameter: 1.7cm

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