Reproduction Charles II (Royal Africa Company) Gold Five Guineas

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Obverse: First laureate bust of Charles II right, pointed truncation, long hair extended down, elephant below. Text around CAROLVS II DEI GRATIA.

Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, eight strings to Irish harp, sceptres in angles, interlinked C’s in centre, date 1668 split either side of crown above English shield. Text around MAG BR FRA ET BIB REX. Edge: Raised inscription + DEVCS ET TVTAMEN ANNO REGNI VICESIMO.

History: In 1663 Charles II sold the control of African trade to The Company of Royal Adventurers of England Trading in Africa. The Company failed later in that decade but re-emerged under the guise of the Royal African Company in 1672. Supported by substantial investment by the Charles II himself, the Company was primarily concerned in the trade of slaves and gold dust from the Asante people of what was then known as Guinea, located on the West African coast. The provenance marks of the elephant (found on the Royal African Company coat of arms) located below the monarch's bust denote that the bullion for the coin was supplied to the Mint by these African trading operations.

Date: 1668

Diameter: 3.7cm

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