Reproduction Charles I Scarborough Siege Crown, Type II

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Obverse: Type II Small castle type showing the three storied keep of Scarborough castle with windows, battlements and corner turrets to each side, forebuilding entrance to the left with large door and chapel above. Below 'S' for shilling and 'V' for five (Five Shillings = 1 Crown). Above horizontal lines that show that this coin was struck from a plate.

Reverse: Blank except for WRL.

History: During the siege of Scarborough Castle between July 1644 and July 1645 coins were struck from objects such as plates. The commander of the castle Sir Hugh Chomley actually handed out the siege money himself, at a rate of sixpence a day, to encourage morale of those who repaired the walls. These coins are very rare.

Date: 1644 - 1645

Size: 4.5cm X 4.8cm

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