Reproduction Charles I Newark Siege Halfcrown

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Obverse: Lozenge type with large royal crown between C R (Carolus Rex - King Charles). Below XXX (30 pence).

Reverse: OBS: / NEWARK / 1646

History: During the English Civil Wars, three royalist fortresses under siege produced coinage. This siege coin was minted in Newark-on-Trent in 1646 during the third and final siege (1645–1646) of the First English Civil War. To meet the need for money a mint was set up that manufactured lozenge-shaped coins in the denominations of half-crowns, shillings, ninepences, and sixpences. The coins were made from old silver plates, flagons and drinking cups whilst Charles and his Royalist troops were besieged in Newark Castle by the opposing forces of Oliver Cromwell.

The coin bears on the obverse a Royal crown between C R, and the value in Roman numerals, in this case XXX for 30 pence, known as a halfcrown. On the reverse OBS Newark, with OBS being an abbreviation of obsidium (Latin for under siege) and the year 1646, the date it was coined.

Date: January to May 1646

Size: 3.7cm x 3cm

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