Reproduction Burma Star - Miniature

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Campaign: Burma 1941-45

Branch of Service: British and Commonwealth forces

Description: The six-pointed star has a circular centre with the GRI/VI monogram, surmounted by a crown and inscribed THE BURMA STAR around the foot.

Clasp: Pacific (sold separately)

Ribbon: Three equal bands of dark blue (British forces), red (Commonwealth forces) and dark blue. The dark blue banks each have at their centres a stripe of bright orange (the sun)

Comments: Qualifying service in the Burma campaign counted from 11 December 1941 and included service in the Bengal or Assam from 1 May 1942 to 31 December 1943, and from 1 January 1944 onwards in these parts of Bengal or Assam east of the Brahmaputra. Naval service in the eastern bay of Bengal, off the coast of Sumatra, Sunda and Malacca also counted.

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