Reproduction Boultons Trafalgar Medal

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Campaign: Battle of Trafalgar 1805

Branch of Service: Royal Navy

Obverse: Bust of Nelson. Text around HORATIO VISCOUNT NELSON. K.B. DUKE OF BRONTE. &.

Reverse: Scene from the Battle of Trafalgar. Text around ENGLAND EXPECTS EVERY MAN WILL DO HIS DUTY. Text below TRAFALGAR OCT 21. 1805. Edge: Text TO THE HEROS OF TRAFALGAR FROM M:BOULTON.

History: The Battle of Trafalgar, fought on 21 October 1805, was the most significant naval engagement of the Napoleonic Wars and the pivotal naval battle of the 19th century. Matthew Boulton of the Soho Mint, Birmingham, struck this medal on his own initiative for presentation to the survivors of the battle of Trafalgar.

Diameter: 4.7cm

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