Reproduction As of Tiberius - Lugdunum Alter

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Obverse: Bust of young Tiberius left. Text around TI CAESAR AVGVSTI F IMPERAT V.

Reverse: Front elevation of the Altar of Lugdunum, decorated with the corona civica between two laurels, these being flanked by nude male figures; to left and right, Victories on columns facing each other. Text in exergue ROM ET AVG (To Rome and the emperor (Augustus)).

History: Even before the death of Augustus, Tiberius was associated on coinage with the imperial cult, Tres Galliae (Sanctuary of the Three Gauls), at Lugdunum.

This coin minted at Lugdunum bears on the obverse the head of Tiberius and the legends TI CAESAR AVGVST F IMPERATOR (Tiberius Caesar, son of Augustus, supreme commander (Imperator)). On the reverse is the alter built in 9 BC by Tiberius’ brother Drusus at Tres Galliae dedicated to the worship of Augustus and Roma. That the coin was struck at Lugdunum is appropriate, stressing the loyalty of Tres Galliae to Rome.

That Tiberius should appear on these coins before the death of Augustus indicates the awareness in the provinces as to who would most likely succeed him.

Date: Lugdunum mint. Circa 8 - 10 AD

Diameter: 2.7cm

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