Reproduction As of Claudius - Minerva

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Obverse: Bare head of Claudius left. Text around TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG PM TRP IMP PP "Tiberius Claudius Caesar, emperor (Augustus), high priest, holder of tribunician power, supreme commander (Imperator), father of the nation".

Reverse: Palladium of Minerva standing right, helmeted, wearing chiton and peplos, brandishing a javelin in right hand and holding a round shield on left arm. Text across field large S C.

History: In AD 43 Britain was invaded and conquered under Claudius. The Rome mint produced an enormous amount of As in Claudius' first year, but this was not been enough to supply the army in Britain and this meant that, out of necessity, imitations were locally produced, which were not normally to the same size, quality and weight as those struck in Rome.

The original of this coin, with fine detail, was struck in Rome between 41-42 AD. The reverse depicts, Minerva who was regarded as the first in rank after Jupitor and Juno by the Romans. On this coin she is presented as the deity of both war and of peace. The spear, the thunderbolt, is an image of Victory.

Date: Rome mint. Circa 41-42 AD.

Diameter: 2.9cm

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