Reproduction Armorican (Coriosolites) Billon Stater

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Obverse: Celtic designed head facing right, with anchor shaped nose.

Reverse: Horse galloping right with boar below, remains of driver with Victory above.

History: Armorica is the name given in ancient times to the North West part of Gaul between the Seine and the Loire that includes the Brittany Peninsula. The Coriosolite were a Gallic tribe of Armorica and later the Channel Islands.

This Billon Stater is known as ‘Ogmios and Boar’ type. Most coins of this type were struck by the Coriosolites in Armorica and taken to the Channel Islands, when the people fled the Gallic invasion by Julius Caesar. The Coriosolites continued to strike these coins on the Channel Islands and this coin would have been imported from the Channel Islands into the south-east of England.

Date: Class III, Circa 75 - 50 BC.

Diameter: 2.1cm

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