Reproduction Anne Gold Guinea

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Obverse: Third draped bust of Queen Anne left. Text around ANNA DEI GRATIA.

Reverse: Post-Union crowned cruciform shields, Garter Star in centre, sceptres at angles, date either side of halved English and Scottish shield. Text around MAG BRI FR ET HIB REG.

History: Anne succeeded to the throne on William’s death in 1702 and ruled until her death in 1714.

Queen Anne’s reign coincided with Sir Isaac Newton’s tenure as Master of the Mint. The great scientist was obsessed with the quality and accuracy of Britain’s coinage. Newton was industrious and coins of this period are renowned for their fineness and are a testament to Newton’s exacting standards.

The Act of Union of 1707, which effected the unification of the ancient kingdoms of England and Scotland into a single realm, resulted in a change of the royal arms. This Anne guinea is from the Post-Union coinage with the English lions and Scottish lion depicted together on the top and bottom shields and the Garter star in the centre.

Date: 1713

Diameter: 2.4cm

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