Reproduction Ambiani Gallo-Belgic Gold Stater

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Obverse: Disintegrated head of Apollo.

Reverse: Disjointed horse facing right, seven pellets above, one pellet below and two pellets and crescent in front.

History: The Ambiani were a Belgic coastal tribe dwelling in the modern Picardy region during the Iron Age and Roman periods. They were consummate minters, especially of gold coins.

Ambianic coinage has been found throughout the territories of other Belgic tribes, including in the British Island, from Cantium (Kent) to the West Country. Struck in Northern Gaul by the Ambiani this coin would have been imported into the south-east of England.

Date: Gallo-Belgic type C, Circa 90-60 BC

Diameter: 1.6cm

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